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February 25, 2018
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The UniLang Language Community


Most of the langue materials I previously had on this site became totally integrated into another big project I founded together with Proycon (Maarten van Gompel) and Silvah (Niels van Bellingen) in October, 2000. The goal of UniLang is to unite people interested in languages and linguistics and give them a common place (UniLang) to find free language resources that facilitate learning, get in contact with other language students, and provide a place of discussion and education.

UniLang has a popular Forum, an IRC Chat Channel, a Voicechat, and tons of language resources like grammar references, free on-line language courses, vocabulary lists, dictionaries, etc. In total, over fifty languages! We have grown out to a non-profit organization with over 5000 members and are growing ever more rapidly! If you too are a language-freak then you must really take a look at our UniLang website and join as a member! (free of charge of course).

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